AFRICAN GARDEN - Dedicated June 19, 1976. It flies the Ethiopia flag. A desert landscape is featured and a large flower bed.


African Garden


AMERICAN GARDEN - Dedicated July 1, 1947. It is known for its beautiful spread-eagle flower bed. The statue of Peace was designed by Avard Fairbanks and is complimented by flowering crab trees, honoring Council of Women Past Presidents. Many of the trees are dedicated to Mrs. Otto Wiesley, founder of the gardens.


American Garden


BRAZILIAN GARDEN - Dedicated September 7, 1977. This is the date Brazil celebrates their independence and was a gift to the people of Salt Lake City. On April 21, 2000 Brazil celebrates 500 years of its discovery by the Portuguese.


CANADIAN GARDEN - Dedicated July 1, 1971. It is built around the central theme of the national emblem of Canada - the Maple Leaf. The garden is laced with paths outlined with wooden logs, with pine trees emphasizing the great forests throughout Canada. The Holladay Rotary Club built the garden as an international peace project.


CHINESE GARDEN - Dedicated in 1959. It is typical of that far-away land with the pagodas, graceful bridges and painting. Two large lion statues at the entryway were dedicated in 1979.


Chinese Garden


DANISH GARDEN - Dedicated June 5, 1955. Here is a replica of a Viking burial mound used in 2000 BC in Denmark. The mermaid statue is a replica of the original in Copenhagen Harbor, which depicts the story of Hans Christian Anderson's "Little Princess of the Deep". This is one of four such statues in the world today.


Danish Garden


DUTCH GARDEN - Dedicated June 5, 1955. It has two lovely weeping Birch trees and large Junipers at its entrance.


ENGLISH GARDEN - Dedicated August 14, 1963. Entering through the archway you view a typical English garden with rose beds, native trees and shrubs, also a bust of Margaret Thatcher, the first woman Prime Minister of England.


English Garden


English Garden


FINNISH GARDEN - Dedicated in 1961. The garden is now planted with lovely flowers and trees depicting their native land.


Finnish Garden


FRENCH GARDEN - Dedicated June 12, 1999. A miniature reproduction of the Eiffel Tower by sculptor Richard Prazen is the centerpiece to the classic formal French garden.


French Garden


GERMAN GARDEN - Dedicated in 1951. This garden is typical Teutonic style. It features beautiful stonework, massive gates, and a fountain. The garden theme is "Under the Linden Tree". The poem is inscribed in English and German on the garden wall.


German Garden


German Garden


GREEK GARDEN - New designs are underway to present something reminiscent of their culture and heritage. Two giant Sequoia grace the back of their garden.


Greek Garden


INDIAN GARDEN - Dedicated April 22, 1966. It is represented by a bronze cast of the "Preaching Buddha" which is a gift from the government of India to the gardens. It shows great dignity and beauty. Another bronze statue of Mahatma Gandhi has been added and dedicated May 10, 1997. His name is synonymous with peace and non-violence.


Indian Garden


IRISH GARDEN - Dedicated September 30, 1989. The circle of the twelve-foot Celtic cross symbolizes eternity relating to the Christian church's everlasting glory and power. The ancient crosses in Ireland (over 150) stood as memorials to events or individuals of past significance. A Mountain Ash, Oak and two Choke Cherry trees grace the garden as well as a large brick plaza.


Irish Garden


ITALIAN GARDEN - Dedicated 1965. Re-dedicated June 25, 1989. Features a replica of the map of Italy in various colors of tile. The garden landscaping is formal, which represents Italian tradition.


Italian Garden


JAPANESE GARDEN - Dedicated July 11, 1950. It is a miniature Japan. It boasts three stone lanterns, shipped here with the aid of General Mac Arthur from the Emperor's Palace Garden. The Japanese garden was the first to be completed and dedicated. A new gateway was completed and dedicated in 1971.


Japanese Garden


Japanese Garden


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